FBK Games Hengelo

Since 2018 we have taken ownership of the legendary Dutch Track & Field meet with the goal of preserving the event for Dutch athletics and to create an event for the fans that drives innovation. As organizers we ensure a world class lineup, arrange all logistics surrounding the event and execute the event marketing including advertising and ticketing, social media, broadcasting and the selling of broadcasting rights and post-race interviews with the top athletes for second screen and international broadcast purposes.

The FBK Games is part of the Continental Tour Gold and draws 10.000+ people to the stadium each year. Fans get to see their hometown heroes take on the world’s greatest athletes. The FBK Games have been granted permission from World Athletics to become a test environment for innovation and has already implemented battles, a new long jump format, The NN Running Team challenge were fans could take on professional athletes of the NN Running Team in a relay race as well as the much talked about Wavelight technology to the track as well as many other exciting new ideas.

Event date: June 6th, 2021

More info: www.fbkgames.nl