Global Sports Communication is organizationally involved in some of the world biggest marathons and track and field events in the Netherlands, Germany, China and India. We act as a liaison for the international elite athletes as an advisor and consultant. Our role is to guarantee a spectacular competition for spectators, sponsors and athletes. We invite the best athletes in the world to satisfy the audience with competitive matches, to give sponsors an attractive platform to promote their brand and last but not least we want to challenge the athletes for good results.


For track and field competition we develop an attractive program of track and field disciplines. With the right planning of the most interesting disciplines, the athletic highlights, and entertainment we create an attractive event. As an elite athlete liaison in road races, we invite the best athletes and pacemakers in the world. During race weekends we assist and coach the athletes in order for them to perform on the highest level. Our strategy has already resulted in 14 world records set in road races which we organized in the past years.

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