NN Mission Marathon

On April 18, 2021 we organized the NN Mission Marathon. Together with our partner Hamburg marathon we set out to organize a marathon in a COVID-affected world where all other running events in the world were cancelled. Our objective? To provide elite runners who hadn’t qualified for Tokyo2020 yet the chance to qualify during our race and the opportunity qualified elite athletes to to finetune their preparations towards the Olympic Marathon. It was at the NN Mission Marathon where the undisputed king of marathon Eliud Kipchoge laid the foundation for his second Olympic gold medal.

Part of the organization included: contracting a lineup of world class athletes, arranging the full tv-production and the sale of international broadcasts to many countries worldwide as well as a Youtube livestream. And if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, we also had to relocate the event in the final 2 weeks from Hamburg to Enschede Airport, the Netherlands due to changing COVID-policies in Hamburg, Germany. When you think it can’t be done, think again!