Our sports marketing vision

From our large experience in sport and from working with some of the best athletes in the world, we created our own sports marketing vision: athletics has all the assets to be integrated into a solid marketing plan; individual athletes, teams and high profile events. As the mother of all sports, athletics combines speed, endurance, power and flexibility. This makes it possible for every company or brand to find an affiliated element to link to. Next to this, a running event offers the exclusive experience for a fun runner to participate in an event at the same time as a world class star!


What we do

Our team can offer marketing support to all parties involved in athletics. We assist individual athletes, international events and major companies to reach their goals or change their direction. Custom-built programs have produced powerful results and our creative ideas have offered new horizons for our partners. Our services include:

  • customised and integrated marketing packages
  • tailor-made sponsorship agreements
  • event marketing
  • social media and website assistance
  • organising clinics
  • organising business presentations 
  • organising press conferences

About Us

Global Sports Communication
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The Netherlands
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