Wavelight technology

In 1976 Jos Hermens (NED) attacked the one hour world record. He used 2 lights, on the start finish, and half way to control a perfect even pace during his one hour run. Two volunteers manually switched on the light every 68.5 seconds for 52.5 laps. This is how Jos Hermens broke the world record with a distance of 20 kilometers and 944 meter.

With his world leading athlete management company, Global Sports Communication, Jos always focussed on innovation and improvement in athletics. Together with Bram Som, former European champion (800 meters) and renowned pacemaker in the Diamond League tour, they were the ideal team to innovate the world of athletics with the Wavelight Technology.

Wavelight means the end of classic training. The future coach can communicate with their athletes without losing control of the right pace. They can focus on running technique and are able to create innovative training sessions to entertain all talents levels.

What we are trying to do with Wavelight Technologie is to create a connection between the athlete and the spectator. The key to connection is understanding. Events can tell the story of a race, this makes it more interesting and understandable for every spectator.